Hear first-hand from some of Joe's clients about how Taiji has impacted their lives.
“I enjoy the variety of the movement, stretching, and meditation. My balance and flexibility have improved greatly over the years.”
“I like the peace and serenity I feel after taking Joe’s class. I have better posture and I’m more flexible.”
“I’ve experienced a better range of motion and less joint pain.”
“I enjoy doing the movements and Tai Chi exercises. My posture has improved and I’m more aware of tension in some areas of my body.”
“My balance is much improved and I sleep better.”
“Practicing Qigong and Taiji keeps me loose.”
“I enjoy the deep breathing and relaxation. After two injuries, my physical therapist suggested Tai Chi for improved balance.”
“I am learning how to remain active in a very positive way as I age. “
“I enjoy the elegance and flow of the movement.”
“I enjoy balancing my body and I feel much better. “
“It’s helping my balance. The deep breathing is bringing positive energy and relaxation.”
“The exercises have helped with movement in my arms and legs. I can stretch better.”
“I have experienced improvement in balance and I’ve learned how to relax.”
“I’ve become more aware of my breathing and posture.”
“I’ve learned how to relax and prepare my body to unwind and sleep better.”
“I have better balance and feel more calm.”
“I have more balance and less anxiety and panic attacks.”


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